Debbuging file dos not autodelete

I have a very ineficient process for dubbiging my destop apps.
I don’t know if there Is something that could be solved by me or it is a XOJO’s bug from version 2017 r1.1 and newer version have this solved.

Debug file does not autodelete when finishing a debbugging process…
So remains in the destination folder and when I want to debbug again the IDE shows an error mesage saying:
Compilarion of “Myappname” failed
A file system error ocurred (#104) for “Myappname.debug”. If the application already exists,
please make sure that it is not currently running: othewise, plase make sure that the destination
directory is writable.

So it is necessary to delete it manually.


It was found and solved ages ago. You can use a build script to ensure it’s really really deleted before the build phase.

The app icon is the problem.
The easiest work-around is to remove your app icon from the project and instead add it via a build script to your Resources folder, and only when making a “Release”.

Thanks Tim I will try what you suggest

How to add the icon app via a build script ?

Copy the .icns file from your built app to somewhere else, e.g. next to your project, then add a “Copy Files” command to your Build Automation settings, where you tell it to copy that icons file to the App’s Resources folder.

Thanks @Thomas_Tempelmann … problem solved

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