Dear Europe. We're Sorry.

On behalf of the other half of the UK, I’d like to apologise to the rest of Europe for racism and class despair winning out over common sense today. It’s a sad day for the UK and for all of Europe.

I’ve heard legitimate arguments for Leave that had nothing to do with race or class despair. I see you’re unhappy with the result, but keep mind what you’re saying about some of your colleagues here.

No need to apologise for other’s decisions, but I do think calling them racists just because UKIP (and Labour) are racists is unfair.

Take from this a positive note; today was also about the people of the UK deciding their own future. I hope that all democratic countries are watching and that people will be given more control over the decisions that affect them. Rather than choosing from dickhead party A or Neanderthal selfish prick party B.

I loved how Trump flew into Scotland and congratulated the Scots on leaving the EU; when they choose to remain.

Hi Stephen, my vote was not based on racism (most Europeans are white like me anyway) and I have no class despair. My vote was based on logic, research and common sense. I want us to engage with the whole world - with India, China, the US and others - not just pump endless millions into a failing political union.

And so I cast my democratic vote to leave it , like the majority here in the UK, and life will go on both inside the UK and with our friends across Europe. New trade deals will be reached, markets will correct themselves, people will continue to immigrate and emigrate. And here ends my involvement with this thread.

i saw in the news that the French and Dutch also want a referendum, and my German friend has told me that they also want one too.

Just imagine for a second Texas, for instance, leaving the United States…

No matter the good or bad reasons, this will be a mess for a good while.


and i think that the problem. they want a referendum and the Netherlands and Germany Laws don’t even allow something like this.

And: “NO I Think we shoud stay in the EU” (Yes the EU has problems, but only if we stay instead of leaving and running away we can correct these problems and change the EU. - Hopefully for the Better.)

And I and most of my Friends think so too.

It’s good that one country shows the EU that it’s actually possible to exit. Not to mention that it’s even going trough asap.

Altough it wouldn’t be the best option for your export in the near future.

It’s the peoples call, which actually is democracy finally right?

I apologise for blanket labelling everyone in my grief.

I’m not familiar myself with the legit reasons for leaving but can’t imagine they are greater than what we’re currently facing:

  • Tanked Pound and stocks

  • Projected £30 billion annual deficit to be made up by increased taxes and slashing the NHS.

  • Likely Scotland leaving

  • Possible N. Ireland leaving / uniting.

  • London no longer being the gateway to Europe for big business.

  • Projected house prices falling coupled with tighter mortgage restrictions.

  • Reduced access for exports and people movement (E.g. retiring to Spain, hiring from the EU).

I already know a number of small businesses predicting problems.

And that going trough with it asap, seems now that it isin’t so asap, like the leave campiang made it to be.

Cameron dosn’t want to do it but no other person has stepped forward (and said i want) to do it (even from the leave campain).

Even when the EU asked for a quick responst to this vote.

I see tempers flares easily, and at any rate the deed is done. Now we all face the consequences. A tad of restraint from “winners” would be only decent.

We’ll see what happens.

I read weeks ago that the referendum is only advise and the parliament has to vote to leave for it actually to happen. Right?
So we’ll see if they do leave.

[quote=273891:@Michel Bujardet]Just imagine for a second Texas, for instance, leaving the United States…

There are Texans already working on that.

There have been since it joined the Union :slight_smile:
But there are no laws set up for a state to secede from the Union
The 14th amendment probably applies as secession would remove a persons rights as a US citizen
And the federal gov’t might likely go to war to prevent secession like in the civil war
That was at least part of the reasoning for stopping the south from seceding


From the outside my take it is for the best long-term. The English ( specifically, not sure about the other British peoples ) have always been very independent and must resent the endless streams of petty bureaucratic nonsense and regulations emanating from the EU, all the sponging of benefits by those from poorer EU nations, and, of course, the huge amounts of money required to be paid to the EU. The uncertainty will cause pain, but the British will recover - they are one of the most hardy and resilient peoples on the planet.

Or maybe it is just better to be poor and free - we’ll have to ask Zimbabwe. :wink:

I hope Larry the Prime Ministerial Cat resettles happily away from Number 10.

The world should be grow together and not further apart. What power do tiny little states have? Are we getting back to the particularism like we had in Germany for centuries?

That said I always thought the idea of creating my own state for tax purposes fascinating.

Strange that British complain so much about regulation while their own politicians vote for those things when they go on those meetings!?

But now we will watch. There is already a petition for an exit from the exit and even an exit of London from UK. :wink:

Of course they will
They have a Canadian running the Bank Of England :stuck_out_tongue:

Even the supporters of the EU said they wanted to be part of a ‘reformed EU’ but that was never on the table. The only possibility of getting a reformed EU is to break it apart and reassemble it in a different model. That actually doesn’t seem implausible at this moment.


[quote=273925:@Christian Schmitz]There is already a petition for an exit from the exit[/quote]It’s absurd wanting to change the rules after the game is over simply because your side lost.