Dealing with the PageSetup.PageSetupDialog Properties

The target platform: actually, it is macOS, but it will be Windows (and Linux too ?).

AFAIK, we do not have a direct access to many of the PageSetup.PageSetupDialog Properties / Buttons.

Beside Portrait / Landscape (PrinterSetup.Landscape) and Graphics.PrintingCancelled (the user pressed the Cancel button), there is not so much things available.

We can get the settings string, but in reality, this is a plist, more a binary than a string. To get it, simply:

New Project,
New PushButton (name it PB_Show_Settings for example),
Add a New Handler to PB_Show_Settings (Action),
Copy / Paste the code below into PB_Show_Settings.Action,
Add a TextArea (TA_Settings)

[code] Dim settings as String
Dim PageSetup as PrinterSetup

PageSetup=New PrinterSetup
If PageSetup.PageSetupDialog Then

TA_Settings.Text = settings

End If[/code]

On macOS, it is possible to read a plist file using QuickView. So saving the settings string in a plist file can be a good idea.

To change (for example) the size value from 100% to 55%, can I modify the plist contents (how 'cause I do not saw this Property in the plist file, only some values…)