DB Integer error

“Parameters are not compatible with this function”

[code] ’ ## SETTINGS
DIM dr3 as NEW DatabaseRecord
dr3.Column(“strDelay”) = “300”
dr3.Column(“strStartPage”) = “1”
dr3.Column(“strStopPage”) = “10”
dr3.Column(“strEmail”) = “consultant@xxxxxxxxxx.com
dr3.Column(“strPassword”) = “123456”
dr3.Column(“intVersion”) = 4 <<------------------------------------------------ ERROR
db.InsertRecord “settings”,dr3


Strange… and solved. I thought it was suppose to be an Integer!

dr3.Column("intVersion") = "4" 

If you want to use the integer you need to use IntegerColumn as per below.

dr3.IntegerColumn("intVersion") = 4 

Thank you!
It was actually the line of code I was looking for… :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Jakob - you might want to review http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/DatabaseRecord for the other data types.

Thank you!
I really thought that part was part of SQLite… I was looking myself, but in the wrong forum! :slight_smile: