DB I/O of Dating data…

A bit complex to explain, but I try.

I have to store in a SQLite DB Dating informations.

Days: Monday-Tuesday
Hours: 14 to 16 (every 30 minutes)

I am using now a hierarchical Listbox to display the data (the current week for the given hours above), but I do not store / restore the data from the Listbox.

It is a week now that I have this handly, but I do not know (set my mind) on how to do the store / restore part.

The only idea I have now is to use two TABLEs: one to store the informations about the meeting based on the date (hold the meeting date only), the second to store the Hour part. and all other informations. I do not implemented it.

Usually, this kind of information (how can I code this or that) comes to me by itself (in ancient Greek, they says: “a muse tells me what to do in my ears”). But I think she’s gone for Halloween :wink:

Clue(s) ?

PS: the way to use SQLIte is not a problem, my trouble is in the I/O design (not the SQLite Read / Write).

Do you mean something like this? http://www.datawright.com.au/access_resources/bookings_without_clashes.htm

Thanks Jos.

Looks promising.

Earlier today, I think Why two TABLEs ? Then: Why not displaying in the date column: the meeting Date and Hour, then save / load the whole Row(s) ?.

So, I duplicated my Listbox, renaming the old one, the new one, changing a bit of code and run:

Now, my Listbox display two weeks with my meeting days and hours and this looks great. *

To be complete:
I have a PopupMenu that allow to display (now) the current week and the next 7 weeks to come. When an entry is selected, the Listbox is populated with the data.
The user ctrl-click a day (Row) and a room (Column) to set a person to that date/hour/room #.

I will implement the SQLite write/read and think if I am happy with that (then I will make a first presentation to the client).

Thank you.

  • I think that I will display one or two weeks (so I can print one week at a time) and let the user to choose from 1 or 2 weeks to display.