db.addrow() return An unknown error has occurred

Var row As DatabaseRow=new DatabaseRow
mydb.AddRow(“local_user”, row)
Catch error As DatabaseException
// error.Message
end try

error.Message=“An unknown error has occurred.”

have you set primary keys in this table? try if table is empty.
are you connected to db? can you make a query and get a result?
sqlite or mysql? i remember for mysql i hade to add the id field.
a database in ressource folder would be read only after install at windows.

thank you for replay.

2,primary keys=“id”
3,connected to db

can you add the record with another known-good postgres client ?

and this pk i guess have a auto increment value?
had you test with a empty table?
could you test with beta version of xojo, maybe you can get a error with information there.

thank all.