dateAdd("y", 1, d.shortDate)

Why is there no such thing as dateAdd in Xojo!?
How do I add a year to today’s date?

date.year = date.year + 1

In the new framework, you’d use DateInterval.

Thank you! That actually worked and it was not complicated at all!

What does new framework means and when will this arrive…?
(Excuse me, I’m little slow in the Xojo road map…!)

The new framework was introduced with iOS support. It is required for iOS, but on Desktop you can choose to use one or the other (or even mix the two).

So the new framework has been around for some time. (??)

Where can I find info about this…!? The docs!?

Also, does these things apply to me? I do cross platform things and I’m not interested in platform specific code and/ or features.
Since it’s new I assume there must be some benefits! :slight_smile:
Worth trying!

The new framework has its own documentation site. There’s a link on the main documentation page. The new framework definitely has some advantages, but it is a, ahem, work in progress. I haven’t found a compelling reason to convert yet.

Haha!! If so!!
Then I rather stick with the current!!
I’m not an early adopter, so to speak…!

Thank you for the advice!

There are a few things in the new framework that may be of use and don’t exist in classic, like Xojo.Core.Timer.CallLater or Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket which supports HTTP 1.1. As noted above, DateInterval does not exist in classic.

The doc is at

To develop in Xojo iOS one must use the new framework, as the classic one is not present. For Desktop and Web, I tend to use the new framework only when it brings a feature that does not exist in classic framework.

Thank you Michel!
I looked at these pages yesterday and noticed they were new… At least for me.

There are tutorials! I’d love to look into these things! Thank you for the advice!!

To be clear, except for iOS, there is no need to “switch”. You can use new framework methods and classes right alongside classic ones.