Date question

Moving from RS to Xojo 2015 R4.1 I simply want to convert a SQLDate to US date format and display it in a field.

What is the simplest method to do that with the new Xojo core?
I tried this and got errors:
Using Xojo.Core
Dim dateValue As Text = Session.SiteLicense.Lic_StartDate <==== String not Text type Error
Dim myDate As Date = Date.FromText(dateValue)
Dim t As Text = myDate.ToText(Locale.Current, Date.FormatStyles.Short, Date.FormatStyles.None)

My thinking was that “Local.current” would format it properly, but I got errors. Hints and help would be appreciated!

Edit It seems that the error is due to not converting the string to a text type. I was not able to find that in the help…

where it says
Converting a String to Text
You can convert a String to a Text by calling the ToText method.

  Dim dateValue As Text = Session.SiteLicense.Lic_StartDate.ToText
  Dim myDate As Xojo.Core.Date = Xojo.Core.Date.FromText(dateValue)
  Dim t As Text = myDate.ToText(Xojo.Core.Locale.Current, Xojo.Core.Date.FormatStyles.Short, Xojo.Core.Date.FormatStyles.None)

Thanks Norman.