Date[picker] workflow

What is your opinion on the best UX for using a Picker (date or otherwise) , where the Picker is a “popup”, not a control always on the screen.

  • The screen contains a “label” that shows a value (for example a Date)
  • the user taps this “label”, and a “Date picker” control appears (just like a keyboard would have for a textfield)
    … currently I have
  • the user spins the dials for the desired date and hits a “DONE” button that is part of the popup dialog
  • the date is then populated into the label

I can make the user tap outside to dismiss, the problem is, there is a huge chance that they will tap another control and activate the keyboard or another popup
Its just that “DONE” seems to be an extra step, and I’d like a better “flow” if possible

Copy the reminders or calendar app. That’s what users expect.