DataView 1.6 now available

Phoenix, Arizona - 15 June 2016- piDog Software announces the release of DataView 1.6 for Xojo.

This release adds the ability to drag reorder columns and embed containerControls in DataView.

DataView is a ListBox style control based on piDogScrollingCanvas for use in applications created with the Xojo development environment featuring smooth scrolling, zoom, printing and many other features to be expected in a modern application.

DataView was designed with ListBox compatibility in mind. Most of the methods, events and properties of Xojo’s Listbox control are supported in DataView making for a smooth transition.

Column reordering is facilitated via several events allowing the developer to determine at runtime whether a column can be dragged, whether a column can be dropped at a given location and to be notified when a column has been successfully relocated.

ContainerControls are created as a Subclass of piDogDataView.CellContainer and set as the container for a column in the list. Containers can utilize any of Xojo’s built in controls and automatically support row and column drag reordering. UI updates are facilitated via the PopulateValues and DepopulateValues events of the cellContainer class.

Embedded ContainerControls are fully supported under MacOS. Windows support is considered Beta while Linux support is preliminary.
Setting a container for individual cells is not yet supported, but is planned for a subsequent release.

DataView 1.6 is immediately available for download at:

A preview video and release notes are also posted.

DataView is free to try and is a part of the piDogScrollingCanvas product. An encrypted license is available for $99USD with a source code license available for $349USD and includes all updates released within one year of purchase. Renewal of an existing license costs $20 and $50 respectively and provides access to all updates up to one year after renewal. The encrypted version is also available as a part of the piDog bundle for Xojo.

For further information, contact:
Jim McKay