DataView 1.3

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated piDogDataView to 1.3. You can download the encrytped classes from my website

DataView is a ListBox replacement with many added features, including smooth scrolling and capable of unlimited rows/columns.

I’ve made many major improvements and optimization.

Some Important changes include:
The ability to set formatting options for individual cells (font, color, italic, bold, backgroundcolor)
You can now set a formatString for each column (ie. #.00)
Added a LockColumns property to allow locking any number of columns to the left edge of the view

The complete list is posted on the product page linked above.

(Any and all feedback is welcome!)

There’s a Resize problem with the Filebrowser (after changing Columnwidth)

Looks like a regression… I ran into something similar and thought I had it fully worked out. I’ll see if I can get it fixed up tonight.

This latest release is great and I will be purchasing soon for an upcoming project.
I was playing with the lock columns function just now and noticed that if you turn on Vibrancy and select a row and then scroll to the right, the contents of that row can be seen going ‘under’ the locked columns.

Keep up the good work!

Ok, took a little longer than I’d planned, but I ran across a few issues with Win32 fonts that had to be fixed.

Check out version 1.3.2

This update includes these fixes:
Win32 font problems fixed
Fixed a possible StackOverflowException when resizing a column with editfield visible
Content below locked columns now cleared before locked columns are drawn

Fixed an issue with scrollerbounds not adjusting correctly during resize
ScrollerBounds property removed
AdjustScrollerBounds event added (gives direct control to the developer)
Window resizing flicker fixed
Win32 rendering/scrolling improved
SnapBackDuration replaced with ScrollWheelDuration

There were also a few spots that should smooth out scrolling a tiny bit more.

Looks very impressive. I like it a lot.
A Few question.

  • Can it be used to replace the standard Xojo Listbox where it just gives me more options to play with?
  • Can I still put things like Folderitems in Celltags?
  • I’m looking for a simple trick to ‘unsort’ for a while now. Basically, when you click on a column headers, it sorts one way, then another way and with the 3rd click, I would like it to go back to how it was. (I could handle it with keeping an index in a celltag but the standard Xojo Listbox but it doesn’t like when I switch sort on and off and the arrows don’t go away.)
  • How does it work with encrypted classes? If I buy it, do I get some sort of key?

Sorry for the newbie questions. :slight_smile:

[quote=210180:@Marco Hof]Can it be used to replace the standard Xojo Listbox where it just gives me more options to play with?
That’s the goal. There are a few things not implemented or not fully implemented yet. For example listbox.column() returns an object that can be manipulated in real time. DataView returns an object that holds the current column widths, but does not change the columns when manipulated. (It’s on my list though)

[quote=210180:@Marco Hof]Can I still put things like Folderitems in Celltags?

I think it could be done, but I’d need to experiment with it…

[quote=210180:@Marco Hof]How does it work with encrypted classes? If I buy it, do I get some sort of key?
If you buy the encrypted classes, you get a registration code that you use in the open event of your app to prevent the “nag” message from popping up in a compiled app. (feel free to use it for personal use and just ignore the nag)
If you buy the Source license, I’ll forward you an unencrypted copy whenever an update is available.
If you buy encrypted and want to upgrade to source code later, I’ll discount the price (prorated or $50, even if your license is expired)

I would recommend copying the piDogDataView Module and the piDogScrollingCanvas_Folder into (a copy of) a project with a listbox in it. Change the super of the listbox to piDogDataView.DataView and see if there are missing features. Let me know if there are any specific items you find that you need.

And my apologies for the yellow colors in the demo project. The IDE likes to add a little excitement when saving to binary from text format… I’ve fixed the download.

Jim, will DataView work on Web Apps too?

Hi Hal. DataView is Desktop only. I currently have no plans for Web or iOS.