DataView 1.2

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give anyone interested a chance to check the latest build of my DataView class for bugs/oddities. I’ve done a tone of work optimizing and working out bugs.

The field editor has had a lot of work (now supports accented character input on Mac).
The ScrollingCanvas class has had a lot done to improve scrolling and give it a more natural feel.
You can now have unlimited columns (limited by uint32 max)
The new class will have a subclass to expose all methods/properties without having to dig through the docs.

Anyway, here’s the demo build

Any feedback is appreciated. The new version should be available Monday!

link not working?

Sorry about that here’s the corrected link…
Demo Build

Looks good Jim. I noticed in the file browser example that each time you click on a folder in the source list section it moves up one row. Keep clicking it and you can get it to the top!

Thanks Peter! Fixed. I’ve also fixed up the highlighting of the source groups during drags (and regular folders too)…

I’ve uploaded a new build of the demo project with the above fixes.
Other differences are in the scrollers… They’re now being drawn with native drawing calls for a very clean look.
Also added compression to “squish” the scrollers when scrolling moves past the end/edge of the list (much like NSScrollers do)
Fixed the checkboxes on Win8.1 (please check other win versions, I only have 8.1 at the moment)…
Take a look. I’m about ready to post the update!

I just wanted to mention that v1.2 is now available! (In case anyone missed the Announcement)