DataBinding ByRef Address?

I was wondering if it was possible to do databinding using ByRef or some other addressing function. (?)
Or is it possible to get the address of a primitive property?

I want to assign a custom WebTextField to be bound to the name property of an object. Can I do this by assigning it with ByRef? If the textfield’s value changes then I want the object’s name property to change because they are bound. I understand I would need to do some exception checking in case the object has gone away.

Could I save the ByRef in a variant or something?

use a memoryblock to store integer if you like to learn address of it.

It’s a string - i don’t know if that matters. Do you have an example of how this might work?

rereading your question, I think you may simply want to make a class to hold that string property. Than use the class for the property of the name. This way you can later assign new value to that string in an object of the class.

Essentially I’m looking for two things
I want to databind an object property to a textfield. When the textfield.text is updated it should update the object’s property because they should be pointing to the same string memory block.

I want to be able to use introspection given a specific ByRef value tell what property on the object it is referencing.
For example I might get passed “2”
And object.Height = 2, object.width = 2, but using introspection I want to be able to tell that the 2 passed matched the same address of the width property and not the height property.
The longterm goal would be to do something like:

label.text = GetPropertyName(o, o.myCoolProperty) //GetPropertyName would use ByRef and then use introspection to return "myCoolProperty" as string

this is not possible.

Of course textfield could update the text in the property.

or other part of app simply references textfield and queries it’s text if needed.

Memory addresses are hidden as much as possible, by design. You’re not likely to get very far down this avenue.

make a class that represents a “property”
then things can just refer to instances of that class

the IDE does something like this

Is there any way to handle the second case?

object.width = 2
object.height = 2

If I get passed object.GetPropertyName(ByRef object.width), is there anyway to find it’s memory address to know that the “2” refers to the width and not the height?