Databases with Xojo

Hello my friends,
I know my question is stupid, but here it is.
I tried to keep Realbasic 2010 until today but now I had to give up because I had to buy a new PC for the umpteenth time.
Now I have a brand new one with Windows 11 so I bought a new Xojo 2024 license but for example it is impossible for me to run a program using a database.
Either the program opens the database by looking for it in a directory belonging to the program, or I have to choose it from a directory.
In the latter case, the program invites me to look for the database but once I get there, it is impossible to validate it.
Do you have an idea?
Do I need to review the principle of databases in SQLite with Xojo?

Please show what code you are using to access and open your database. What do you mean by “validate it”?

And what version of Xojo are you now using?

Hello Tim,
I am using the last version from yesterday 2024 r1.1.
I think I have a problem with OpenDialog, I will try to understand better.
My code is too long to display easily here.
Thanks to you.

Benoît - We are not asking for all the code in your routine, just the few lines you have that sets up the database connection and opens it. And again, what do you mean by “validate”?