Database structure - app design

I am wondering… in what cases do I have to replicate the structure of the database with classes in my app?

A DB Table for a ‘person’ (with all it’s properties-columns) does it always have to have a correspondent ‘person’ class ?

When is it not necessary ? when it is ?

Thanks for your thoughts…

It is or it isn’t depending on what the app needs to do, how you decide you wish to do it…
In most of my apps I rarely have a “class” that corresponds to a database tables structure… as in almost never

As a counterpoint, I always have a class that corresponds to a database table. It all depends on how you mentally model your business process.

Like Tim, we almost always have a class that represents the table. ActiveRecord/ARGen, our database abstraction utility, does that for us. Takes the database schema and with the click of a button turns it into classes with properties matching the db fields.

Thanks for the feedback, guys…