Database error on Xojo

I’m getting the following error when saving to an SQLite database:

Database Error: 1
Cannot commit - no transaction is active

This is the exact code that worked under RB with no problems. The strange thing is the data is actually saved.

Windows 8

This is not really an error, but a warning.
You called commit without actually opening a transaction, so you got an auto commit before.


Is that for a DataControl? i don’t have one in my application.


You need to stop the auto commit if you want to commit yourself, otherwise every INSERT and UPDATE is auto committed so there won’t be an open Transaction for you to call commit or rollback

Thank you Jym.

It appears that you can no longer control the AutoCommit. The property no longer exists in the auto-completion list for a database object. So now I’m really confused.

Does the database automatically do a commit?
Does it autocommit UNLESS a specific BEGIN TRANSACTION command is done?
Does this mean that, unless you do a BEGIN TRANSACTION Rollback won’t succeed?

I think I need a lollipop!

In SQLite neither Commit nor Rollback do anything but turn Autocommit back on. Rollback however sends a flag to the autocommit logic