Database Error Message with ?

Receiving characters in my DB Messages:

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied?

I Normally see this when manipulating a file and not properly setting the encoding. How is it done with a database connection?
I am using the 32bit 10g Oracle Instant Client while connecting to an 11g database.

I found the following regarding encoding and a recordset. But nothing at the database level (if any).

DefineEncoding(vRS.Field("MyColumn").StringValue, Encodings.UTF8)

I also dug into “ToText” in the newer framework which is supposed to use UTF-8 “automagically.” When I use the “ToText” on the DB object within a msgbox(), my application crashes without displaying the ErrorMessage.


At this point I am not sure I am even on the correct path with my problem being encoding. BTW, I am intentionally providing invalid credentials. This is a cosmetic issue currently.

Much the same way

dim msg as string = db.errormessage.defineEncoding ....

and it’s probably ASCII
I’d hazard a guess the message has a NIL encoding

And it’s probably line endings. Examine the message in the debugger and look at the byte values in hex. It probably ends with 0D 0A - carriage return/linefeed. You didn’t specify, but I’m guessing you’re on a Mac, which uses a different line ending.

Yes Tim, on a Mac.

Just have to remember to do it each time I want to consume data.

And if it is not any of that, you may need to use a nchar or similar type in Oracle to support Unicode characters. :slight_smile:


Worth reading