Database confusion

My apologies, Gurus.
I need to build a (very simple) DB that can be hosted on a web-site.
It needs:
4-5 tables ( of "person of Interest names, such a politicians, public servants, etc., which I already have)
A way of our members accessing the DB to action tasks (writing emails/snail-mail) to those “persons of interest”. and record this action in the DB, to ensure none of the “persons of interest” is missing out.
This data is important (to us).
Sorry fellas, I am 77 and my time is running out :slight_smile:
Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ll keep on looking in the mean time.

Wouldn’t you just use Firebase or Airtable and assign access ?

Why do you mention your age? You can learn something even at 77. And you learn like everyone: you start with examples and put your head to the desktop until you understand what you want to do.

Are you 77?
Whilst I agree, that anyone can learn anything (I have proven this many a times), I also have LOTS of other things and work to do (running a business) and time is of the essence to me :-).
I need this DB for my group, if you are able to help, please do so, by directing me to the correct pages of the help-files or whatever. But I am just as happy to forego any of your “less helpful” comments.
Thanks, SteveP. Airtable, this is an option, is it the best option?
My question really is: Can Xojo be used to build a Data base, that can be hosted on a web site and where do I find the information on this.

Depends on your requirements and constraints which include how many hours you are willing to put into this.

Thanks for your reply, SteveP.
Minimum hours really. Time is a luxury item for me :grinning: I had looked at Airtable easy enough to use, but they want/need extra programs to make it it sing and dance (automate). I don’t need anything sophisticated.
Can I use THIS: Xojo Desktop Tutorial - Make a Task Manager App using Xojo 2021r3 and host it on a web site?
If that is possible great, if not, OK as well.
Cheers :Franz:

No but you could make equiv Web based system but really you’re going to need a decent amount of time if you also want user accounts and authentication.

Are you looking to create this system yourself? If so, what is your software experience level?

Thanks Steve, please tell me more equiv web based system, please… and I will check it out tomorrow…
Tim, Actually yes but about 20 years ago, MS Access/Excell and MS Basic (I thing 4-5) Most of it forgotten :frowning:
I want to get int “programming” again with XOJO, whenever time allows.

Start with the Web examples that come with Xojo and see if something comes close to what you want

Experience never vanishes. Something (sometimes many things) comes back fast while typing, reading, after sleeping (a night or a nap)…

you can look at the eddie electronics example in xojo folders
it’s a full database system with people inside, available for desktop or web.
it can be a good start for your project.

if you speak about xojo it will create a exe.
in your case a web app, it is a web server exe (runs as service), you could access via https://domain:port
this exe you can put only on a virtual private server. vps hosting cost 15-50€ each month.
at this server you can connect via rdp, install all you want or need.
databases: postgres sql, firebird 4, mysql, mariadb, …
vps need a domain name registering, ssl certificate, mail account, backup solution.

alternative you can use any free pc or raspberry pi and run a xojo web app there.

cheapest solution is webhosting with database and php,
database can be edit via web tool. php would be copy via sftp client to server.

Thank you Jean-Yves and Markus, this is exactly the info that I was after. I will check them out ASAP.
Thanks Gurus.