Database Binding usable for own purposes

Is it possible to use both fields DataSource / DataField for own purposes?
Will they be kept in future versions?
So, no need to subclass control.

Thanks a lot!

may be you can use “databaseconnectioninterface” but there is little to no documentation about it …

Thanks for the hint!
Not a big problem. For this case I built now a container control.
It’s ridiculous easy to use -> great!
The best part is its transparency which seems working with overlapping (under) other controls (container control only overlaps, no other controls).

@Hans-Norbert Gratzal you could consider using Active Record.

personnaly, I did subclass the window controls : one for textfield, checkbox, popmenu.
it’s easier to implement.
also think of a class interface for all of them so you can handle them the same way from the window point of view.
don’t use a container control for a simple item inside, it’s too much work (after)
I have a container control for a date picker, or a super listbox, but not for simple window controls.

I’ve made some classes to easy access and update the applications production database using prepared statements. Only a select statement will do the whole job, insertion, updating etc. Took some time to get so far, but now it’s very beneficial to use it all over.

@Joost: database binding was not my intention (indirect; wanted to use no. link to database no.). SQLPreparedStatement -> great; will use it!

@Jean-Yves: I use subclass for simple control extensions and for compound reusable controls the container control -> both of them are really easy to use even nested. Class interface -> good advice; I will check what I can use there.

@Joost: ActiveRecord; yes, something to think about; at the moment I need the quick and clean (hopefully with Xojo) way

Another question raised up… I gonna put it in another conversation.

Thanks a lot!!

Very cool !!! SQLDeLite