Data viewer


why does Xojo not have a Data Viewer with a code-test?

is that technically not possible?

or is there a add-on, a kind of a IDE-Extension?

RubyMine, by example or systems like FileMaker having that:
you can halt the debugger on a break point and from there type code pieces, and see the result.
Its a essential tool for playing with classes or typing complex code pieces.


By Data viewer you mean a better debugger with hot code swap?

Yes it is a shame, I really missed the debugger that VB6 had when I move to RealBasic.

There are some Feature request for this functionality, those are more than a decade old:

So, even if this is a standard feature in many tools this days, dont expect this on Xojo any time soon.

The data viewer in FileMaker is a great tool to evaluate expressions.

While the debugger can show you things, the data viewer lets you calculate anything in current context.

It’s perhaps not standard, but an enhanced feature there.

Some time ago, can’t recall when, Geof did a meeting with Xojo users where we were able to ask questions. Mine was “when will get a real debugger. Looking at values in classes or variables is complicated and we have to do a lot of clicking to get back where we were when pausing again”. He answered he feels my pain, that it’s something that needs to be revisited but not a priority for now.

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