data sharing

I would like to define a variable so that it can be accessed in multiple Windows.
So if I call a new window and i set the variable, when returning on the previous I can use the value previously set.

dim the variable in a module not in a window

how can i do in a module?

from the Xojo menubar at the top, select INSERT > MODULE.

Then put the code for your variable inside that module.


Dim myName as String = Michele

or make it a property on the APP object. access it with app.varname

yes sorry… but when i open a new module the program not show me the editor…

Right click on the new module and use Insert Property.

I have tried to put new module and add new property and other way too. But when i run the code… “the item does not exist” comes back…
I don’t know…

Ok… understood… i’ don’t neen more help… thanks to all