Data Plot Classes Problem

Hi I have been doing a project and have implemented Roger Meier’s Open Source Data Plot Classes. Unfortunately I have received an error and can’t seem to work out why. The error occurs when trying to Run the project and says “There is more than one item with this name and it’s not clear to which this refers” The code that it refers to is the following: call FuzzyGraph1.Graph(0).Plot(x,y). If anyone else has encountered this and knows of a solution it would be much appreciated.

I don’t use that, but what I do when troubleshooting is start breaking that call down. Something like this:

[code]dim g as graph //or whatever the class is.
g = FuzzyGraph1.graph(0)
if g = nil then
break //we have a problem!

call g.plot(x,y)[/code]

When you’ve got those cascading calls it can be sometimes hard to figure out what, exactly, is causing it. This technique might help.

Thanks Bob will give it a try

FWIW, the Xojo compiler got a bit pickier in recent releases. I have seen it where it used to handle complex situations like this but doesn’t now. Usually the fix is to break the complex line apart.

Ahhh that may be why the problem has arisen recently as it had been working before and only recently stopped. I’m guessing I will just have to dig a bit deeper and see what i can work out. Thanks again