Data in TextField not updated on screen

In a loop, I read an image then I process it.

I add a visual feedback in TextFields:
File Name
File Type
Image Width
Image Height
Image Resolution

Using .Refresh and .Invalidate does not show the images properties, only the last one.

That was working some times ago.

Ideas (excluding Timer or Thread) ?

Xojo 2021r2.1 / Monterey (current)

PS: I know this slow down the process, but I do not care, I prefer information vs speed. (sometimes speed is not critical).

I think putting an app.DoEvents in the loop will allow the UI to update. Note that this forum is filled with warnings about using app.DoEvents, so I’d be cautious if you do.

I tested an older version yesterday evening, and the code worked fine (the screen is correctly updated):

Xojo 2015r1
El Capitan

But, export to GIF failed with an Unsupported Exception (desktop, macOS).

Same code, but High Sierra and Xojo 2021r2.1: export is fine running in the IDE (both).