Data in listbox is not visible

I have a listbox on a container on a webpage that I populate from a database. Until recently, it worked properly, but for the last two days, the listbox is populated but you can’t see the data. The outline of the listbox is there, but there is just nothing in it. It is one column with no heading. I know the data is in the listbox because I added a button to the container with Pressed code “lbUsers.SelectedRowIndex=0” and clicking the button populates all the fields just as selecting the top row of the listbox would have done…

I first tried deleting the listbox and creating a new one with the same name. When that didn’t work, I went to a previous version of my program that still works properly and copied the entire container then replaced the one in the latest version of the program. I have also tried restarting Xojo, rebooting the computer then shutting down the computer. I even tried setting the listbox.Visible property to false before resetting it to true.

I considered WebListBoxColumnData but could not figure out how to use it and didn’t want to spend too much time on it since there is no Visible property.

Any suggestions that might make the data in the listbox data visible would be greatly appreciated.

After creating a new page and putting the container on it, it works fine when that page is called separately. I don’t know if it is a Xojo problem or a browser problem, but the fix was to create a new page for this container. So far everything appears to be working properly.

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