Darts Event - Scoreboard


Today I would like to present you a project that we had to implement at very short notice.
We plan, rent and support event technology. For a very short-term 4-day darts gala, we have taken care of sound, lighting and video.
For this we needed a scoreboard with the possibility to integrate this on the video walls and monitors. We didn’t like any of the systems that were instantly available.
On Friday we decided to develop our own solution. A desktop app manages different tournaments, rounds and games.
It offers the possibility to control all functions from the FoH. For the video mixer, a full screen window is put on an external monitor and given to the video mixer via SDI.
Various things can be inserted here. Social media info about the event, a scoreboard with player names, points and legs / sets. as well as results table.
In the mixer, this image is layered over the live video of the tournament. All overlays can be dynamically changed and positioned in real time from the control room.

Points are entered via a Xojo web app from a tablet located on the stage. Here, only the currently important data is entered, all meta data comes from the control room.
The user has the possibility to correct mistakes via undo function. At the beginning he chooses the player who starts, then the system changes automatically at each leg. To finish the match the player has to double.
All of the data entered is displayed in real time on the video wall via the control room. This is done via bidirectional IPC socket between desktop & web app. The network connection to the tablet on stage is done via Wlan.
In the control room, all functions of the tablet can be taken over at any time.

Yesterday we operated the main event for about 11 hours without any problems with it, today - on day 2 - we played a tournament of local teams. In fact, I have so much time to write a forum entry on the side. The system is still running absolutely error free.
I’ll show you some more pictures from here.
The software is written with a current Xojo version, some functions of the MBS plugins are used and for the desktop application I decided to use the buttons from Einhugur. Since these are not available for web like this, I replaced them on the fly with an “improvised” canvas version.
Apart from that it is pure Xojo code. In total it took me about 15 hours to build both apps. They run smoothly on MacOs (development) and Windows (production).