DarkMode style

Hello! I hope everybody is well.
I would love to be able to see my MAC software in dark mode (same way as i can test it when i’m writing the code and click the “show dark-mode” icon in the toolbar).
Is any code/line that i could add so the app set it’s “theme” as it looks in dark-mode? even if the mac os environment is not running dark-mode at the moment?

Thanks you!

There is the code to do this, and a whole bunch of other things, included in the App Kit 2021 - Building Better Mac Applications

You can download a demo application and test out the functionality, or watch a demo movie all from the above page.

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Thank Sam!
are you part of this ohanaware company?

this looks EPIC, but i’m looking and… is it an anual fee?
i will keep searching about it.

Thank you!

Hola Javier,
I am Ohanaware :slight_smile:

For the fee you get the current source code and updates for a year. After that if you wish to continue receiving updates, you need to re-new.