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I’ve started to implement dark mode in my most recent Linux desktop app, and after detecting whether Linux is actually in dark mode, I’m handling listbox cell backgrounds and switching button images.

My thoughts were; how many people actually use dark mode so thought it was worth a poll.

  • Dark mode system wide
  • Dark mode on some apps
  • Dark mode system wide but light mode for some apps
  • Light mode system wide

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Perhaps, you must add another choice :
Dark and Light in automatic mode

And I turned in that mode only after experimented the dark mode to add it in my app…

Standard mode (light), would implement Dark under request (it means none until now).

I only ever turn on Dark mode to see how it looks for ‘other people’ when using my apps.
Can’t stand it personally.


Dark mode reminds me too much of the VT100 terminal I used to work with in the past. Don’t want to go back to that situation. :wink:


I know, right? Let’s go back to 1979. Maybe Dark Mode should include a lo-res option to really get that CRT feel.

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I did a lot of coding on a VT100 - even wrote a GUI (Sort of) for one of my VAX Pascal apps and used the VT codes to paint the screen.

As for Dark Mode, for some reason I get lost in it… I only switch to Dark Mode to see how my GUI looks in it… just to make sure things are useable in it.


I wrote a complete screen management system in 1984-5 for the company I worked for to use in several of their programs they sold to their customers. The editor was in VAX C and the runtime was VAX MACRO. They called me in 1999 to ask if I knew if it was Y2K compliant (it was and I knew that).

As for dark mode, it would only remind me of a VT if the text was green and monospaced.

Dark mode in the OS but light mode on ALL apps

Thanks all for your input so far. I think that safely disapproves the theory I’ve heard so many times that all developers and IT professionals love dark mode!

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I’m a Developer and IT professional and cringe on dark mode as I find it counterproductive

My personal belief of course

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I use Dark Mode system-wide and test on Light Mode.

When dark mode first came about, I used it as much I could (where I could).

But when I was teaching or doing a presentation with a projector, people complained they couldn’t read my code well enough. So I got out of the habit.

Now the only place I use dark mode regularly is on my Kindle, while reading in bed at night.

Yes, I dislike it too. I struggle to remember the last book I read, that was printed on black paper using white ink.

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Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s I worked as a control system engineer designing industrial control room consoles. We had access to all of the latest ergonomics and human interface research done by multiple different organizations. The dark print on light background was unanimously concluded to be the best for being easily readable and minimizing eye fatigue for operators staring at screens for long hours. And, the new generation of CRT displays were capable of doing this. This is why Xerox PARC went with paper white displays, and later when Apple appropriated this technology, they did the same.

As with a lot of things that Apple and other computer companies have unleashed on the unsuspecting user, dark mode is another flashy “must have” gimmick. I have no use for it myself. However, software developers have to keep in mind the demands of their users, and if users think dark mode is the best thing ever, and are happy to ruin their eyesight, then the developers will have to give them what they want.


Not everyone uses computers in a brightly lit office environment.

There are situations where dark mode is useful - where the user is working in very dim light (or none) and does not want to be blinded by the computer. Stargazing is one - where I use my MacBook to operate the telescope and collect images from a specialised USB astrocamera (not a DSLR). Being able to kill the screen as much as possible - and turn it all red as well - is very useful.

Embedded displays in things like aircraft, trains and boats, where people need to be able to see outside at night - both in the cockpit and passenger seating, are another (not that you’d use Macs for that environment).

Maybe not a common desire…

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