Dark Mode screwed up my code? Anyone else?

I switched to dark mode and opened Xojo , didn’t like how the IDE looked so switched back to light mode and BAM
every Xojo project I opened looked like spaces had been replaced with tabs?
I restarted Xojo and the problem didnt go away.
Restarted my MAC and all back to normal.
Anyone else seen this? I could find anything in the forum.

Xojo version 2019 1.1 MacBook Pro 2015
MAcOS 10.14.6
Cheers James

Yes… I had a similar problem few months ago… I did not loose any code and I do not recall what I did to correct it. It was clearly related to Dark Mode. I have not been able to replicate it but have not really tried to do so…

yeah its not switching into dark mode properly so colors get foobared
all the code is there its just that the colorization is wrong

if you select all you’ll see what I mean

I have had similar problems with each darkmode compatible release. If I change modes while Xojo is running, it doesn’t reset things 100% (more like 70%)… meaning I have to shut it down and restart.

Might avoid dark mode for a few updates
Thanks guys

Do not avoid dark mode, but avoid switching :wink:


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Internal beta, sorry.

[quote=455034:@James Nicholson-Plank]Xojo version 2019 1.1 MacBook Pro 2015
MAcOS 10.14.6[/quote]