Dark Mode-enabled app retains non-dark Title bar on Catalina?

Hi folks,

Have I missed something in the “Supports Dark Mode” realm that would cause the title bar to not inherit dark mode color when the app is launched on Catalina?

I checked to make sure that Supports Dark Mode is checked.

You may want to post the correct image url. And yes, you are doing something odd :slight_smile:

Are you using any plugins or declares to modify the look of the window?

There’s a plist entry which can be used to disable Dark Mode.

Nothing like that. It’s all stock Xojo API 1.0. And the only modification of the plist is the addition of the creator code that Xojo no longer adds to satisfy that warning in AppWrapper ;).

Are you doing remote debugging or did you just start the app in the debugger? The reason I’m asking is because I can’t switch from DarkMode to LightMode but vice versa in the remote debugger: <https://xojo.com/issue/58732> . That’s for High Sierra to Mojave.

Never mind. I had opened the project in r2.1 to check something and must have muscle-memory typed CTRL-S. It appears that the setting for Supports Dark Mode was missing from the shared settings.