Dana Good Wishes

-3 & Good wishes.

B or G? let us know.

so exciting…

Someday I hope we get an XDC back at Disney and everyone can bring children, so we can make a family meeting :slight_smile:

I’d like to ask. How many people attend these meetings!?
It was never clear to me…
Last year and expecting this year?
I’d love to attend one year. Maybe next year will be possible for me.

XDC is a conference with around 100 people.

This year it’s in Austin, Texas where Xojo came from and still has most employers life.

@Wayne Golding Thanks! Yes, 3 days to go! 3 more nights of uninterrupted sleep. It’s a boy :slight_smile:

@Christian Schmitz My 5 year old has been begging to go to Disney World to meet Queen Elsa, so I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Well, my son Michael will turn 5 this year and next spring would be last time before school to do a trip to Disney World.
Else we’d have to wait for conference to be within the school holidays.

@Dana Brown: sleep as much as you can before the baby arrives.

Heck, if we can meet Queen Elsa then I’m coming too!

I’ve met her. She’s a bit… cold.

Congratulations Dana.

that would be wonderful

This is fun… or sad! (??)
The conference were held in Orlando back in … ?? 2013, I believe…
However, it was the first time I really paid attention to the conference and at this point I thought it was in Florida each year!
I spoke with my girlfriend, at the time, (we’re still friends) about going to the conference in Florida…
That’s why I (both of us) got this great surprise when the 2014 conference were held in Las Vegas!

She now speak much about Las Vegas and thinks there is a conference in Las Vegas each year that I must (wish) to attend…!
Same but different!

For me, the location doesn’t matter! I think it’s great that you change location each year!

Would that mean that some of us would have to “rent” or borrow children in order to attend? :smiley:

Shouldn’t be too difficult to find kids that want a free trip to Disney :wink:

“free” for them maybe… I pretty much quit going to Disneyland when they started to charge admission… I mean seriously $100+ per person just to get thru the gate…

“free” and “disneyland” should never be used in the same sentence, unless the word “never” is also included

I guess that gives a new meaning to Neverland. :slight_smile:

Congratulations and all good wishes for you and your family!
oli & daughter,

I’ve got twins Dave, you can borrow one of mine! Boy or girl, your pick! :wink:

I hope to bring my “kid” one year soon, Disney or no. Of course, he’s 26 and just started working for me, so he’s a Xojo acolyte.

Best wishes Dana. Praying for smooth sailing from here out!

Conference was twice in Orlando.
And 2015 is the third year I go to Las Vegas :slight_smile:

Congratulations Dana ! A potential Xojo developer, who knows …