Damned if you do

For years I’ve been watching this forum & the mailing list prior to that. The ongoing complaints about Xojo’s lack of love for Windows have been prevalent & ongoing.

But Xojo dares to catch up & use the latest technology & wow! I am hoping the majority of the complaints are from non-windows using developers and for those windows using developers who are complaining I hope you have great backups.

Thank you Xojo for the TLC even if it means just a little more work in delivery.


Tender Loving Care :slight_smile:

I concur, it is real nice to see Xojo making real efforts to improve the Windows platform.

The next very big step would be the new API application model, but that would represent such a leap I am not sure Xojo has the resources for that, and hopefully the Centennial Converter will do the job.

As for criticism, there will never be anything to do for bigots who hate Windows anyway.

Wow! Putting it in terms of the above shows clearly how biased You actually are :wink:

I’m looking forward when Xojo is able to fully leverage the .NET Framework.