cyclical interface aggregation

I have an interface that combines some of its own methods with 2 default interfaces (iosTableDataSource and iosTableDataSourceEditing) - those are the only ones clicked.

On compiling I get an error stating that I have a cyclical interface aggregation error. It only occurs when iosTableDataSourceEditing is turned on and doesn’t occur in the simple tableActions demo in examples. I have iosLib installed.

I can’t see what is causing the conflict. How would I go about tracking down this error?

iOSTableDataSourceEditing already aggregates iOSTableDataSource, so you only need to aggregate iOSTableDataSourceEditing in your interface.

Thanks Will - that works.
How/where do you find out what each of the built-in interfaces provide?

Initially I added iosTableDataSourceEditing to a class and noticed the comment in some of the auto-added methods read…

// Part of the iOSTableDataSource interface.

Then I checked the docs where it lists the Aggregates :slight_smile:

I think it would be helpful if the docs for iosTableDataSource also listed what interfaces aggregate it, and any classes that implement it.

It sounds like there’s three bugs here:

  • The compiler is wrong about there being a cycle.
  • The compiler needs to be more useful about why it thinks there is a cycle.
  • The documentation should show interface aggregation.