Cut and Paste Loosing Properties

I am working with a web edition. I have a very complex page. Perhaps 150 controls, properties, methods etc. I need to create a very similar page. SO I thought it would be best to simply copy the cage and rework the copy.

WHen I copy and past or duplicate the page, a number of properties of the object are no longer accessible in the IDE. I can no longer set the style of a WebLabel. (It simple not exposed in the IDE) And a number of other things simply are not visible in the IDE.

I know that cut and paste is a total crap shoot. So i tried exporting it, renaming the original page and importing it back in. Still no glory.

There have been a lot posts about cut and paste. Can anyone tell me what step I should take in what order to avoid this problematic pain the the butt bug?

Until it is fixed I save after choosing “run”, so when a project is corrupted by cut and paste, I find out before the save.

It is very annoying and I also tried a lot of steps but nothing worked.

I think it is Xojo inc which has to fix this nasty bug. I am also very much interested to find out if there is a workaround.

I’ve run into a few situations like this since the Xojo alphas. The most helpful thing you can do (if you can do it), is make a copy of your project with instructions to reliably reproduce the particular copy paste problem, file a private feedback report, and attach that project. Norman has been able to fix these instances of problems remarkably quickly when he has had a reliable way to reproduce the problem.

I try
Sometimes I even get to sleep :slight_smile:

Hello Brad and Norman,

The problem is that the behaviour is very unpredictable. Cutting, copying, pasting works fine, no problems. Then suddenly objects get duplicated or deleted in the navigator.

First I thought it was my own doing, but then watching carefully my actions, I found out when selecting lines of code INSIDE a method, choosing “cut” just removed objects or methods inside the navigator.

It never happens at my laptop when I quickly have to do something and using Xojo for a short while. It happens when working for hours. So probably some action invoke that behaviour.

On this moment I cannot even reproduce the error. Because I opened the project which is affected most again, repeated the same actions again but everything is normal.

Next time when it happens, I will make a screen recording of it.

Thank you very much for looking into this problem.

Wish you a very nice day.

Friendly greetings,

Verberne Chris
Botswana - Belgium