CustomUI by Jeremie Leroy

Is anyone on this forum successfully using the current version of CustomUI (1.7.3 ) on Windows 10 64bit?

Using Xojo 2016R3 if I run the purchased CustomUI Builder project the app opens but if I click on any of the controls I get a popup with the message ‘No XML definition for Ui_xxx’ and nothing ever appears in the properties list on the right. I therefore cannot style the controls or alter the properties of the supplied custom styles.

Also, if I load up the preset styles using the drop down at the bottom of the builder app window some of the controls have bits of their styling missing (eg. the style ‘Bloom’ is missing the progress bar animation and the switch button is missing its texture).

Unfortunately support from Jeremie appears to be non existent.

64bit is not supported. Not sure if it is on the agenda.

Thanks Maximilian. I have just tried this add on with a 32bit version of Windows 7 (using Xojo 2015r1 and current version 2016r4) and it behave exactly the same way - ‘No XML definition’ errors and a properties list that never populates.

This add on appears to be broken and not a single word back from the developer. Very disappointing.

The CustomUI on my R4 appears to be ok, but the BBCodeLabel plugin of his appears to be totally broken by the R4 release. He fixed the first issue, but another followed (something about “Expected a type name but found method App instead” during compilation) and i’ve heard nothing since last week. Agreed, a little disappointing.

What currently bugs me a bit is that Xojo 2016r4 doesn’t compile the newpicture command anymore, which is used heavily in Custom_UI 1.7.2. I’m now forced to update to 1.7.3, but this in turn means I need to update my CustomUI-license, which of course I am reluctant to do, seeing that Jrmie doesn’t seem to be too serious with supporting his stuff anymore. Jrmie can’t seriously expect me to fork out cash just because his 1.7.2-code used the long long deprecated newpicture-command. So back to Xojo 2016r3. But I don’t enjoy having to remember which project I need to open with which Xojo version. Messy…

You might be able to RegEx replace the newpicture command.
All you really need to do™ is change NewPicture(100, 100, 16) to new Picture(100, 100) and so on.

Or, alternatively, make a global method named NewPicture that returns a picture constructed properly.

that is the same issue when buy/using 3rd party plugins/classes/etc with Xojo. Whenever Xojo updates the framework(s) and now you have to upgrade the 3rd party products. It is cycle that you have to go through.

I buy a lot of 3rd party products but I have to evaluate when I use one if I will use it based on the cycle above.

There is no good choice to that. Good luck!

That’s part of the reason why I only sell source code. It’s more expensive, but If I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow people could still update their code without me.

Take care, still not easy.

[quote]You might be able to RegEx replace the newpicture command.
All you really need to do™ is change NewPicture(100, 100, 16) to new Picture(100, 100) and so on.
But that doesn’t work with encrypted code, right?

Ah, forgot about this trick, neat, that did it, thanks.

No, I wouldn’t think it’d work with encrypted code :confused:

And people like myself love that option. Thank you for doing that!

cant RegEx the encrypted code… :frowning: or plugins…

A good thing, but in this case it’s almost 3X the price, and also I wouldn’t know how to code these sorts of features, thus my purchase of plugins.

In my case, I sell little PC games (for far less money). If it crashes for all my users due to a new version of Windows or whatever, I feel it’s my duty to fix it promptly (as in a day or two) when you accept money for an app or game. “This is my side gig” or “i’ll get around to it later” isn’t an option in my mind. :slight_smile:

For a moment I thought you meant hitting Bob with a bus … :wink:

No one said it was. But since you own the source code (assuming you purchased FTC, or Shorts, or whatever) you would not be up the proverbial creek if I left the market. Any Xojo developer could fix it then given enough time and effort.

Perfect example: I had one call to NewPicture in Shorts. Most likely an inadvertent call because it shouldn’t have been there. A Shorts user submitted the bug report and the fix all at the same time. Granted, that’s an easy example, but if I sold the encrypted version the user would be waiting on me to issue a new release.

We also have the advantage of not being a solo developer. If I get hit by a bus someone from the company can still help out. Robert, Tim, Liz, or Carol would be able to help. Since we’re geographically spread out it would be tough for a natural disaster to affect all of us.

Ha! Wouldn’t be the first time…

I would pay for Bob NOT to get hit by a bus. We all need Bob to be around.

I arranged that. Start sending the money … on a weekly basis would be best. If my arrangements fail then you’ll get a refund of your last weekly installment (as obviously it all worked fine till then).


Just updating: this plugin is still broken with same error, and no response to 2 emails. Not good.