CustomTableCell and button

I have a list in a custom table each line contains several labels of text , a button and a graphic imagine. Table loads up nicely.
Button fires but I can not push a new view from the button. I get a message the View is not part of the custom table cell. How can I push a new view?


Why don’t you just use a Table Action handler to push to a new view instead of the button?

What’s your exact code to show the view?
Something like Self.PushTo(v)?

Dim v As New ViewIWantToPushTo

Self.pushTo can only be used from the iOSView.
In a CustomCell self is the cell itself.

There are several ways to achieve this, my favorite is using a delegate to callback to a method on the iOSView

That will take a while to figure out.

Not if you eliminate the button (which is awkward, UI-wise) and just do it my way from the Action handler.

The row Action?

Add an “Action” Event Handler to the table with just the Push.To code listed above in there.

Yes good point I will see what I can do. I am already using the action to perform another task not sure I can tell the difference between just clicking in the rows or clicking in the row on the button…

There’s both Accessory Action and Action event handlers available. In the data source you can specify the disclosure type to show both icons.

You don’t need the button at all.

Thank you Art I think I got it now. Sorry it took a bit.