Customer licensing with Easy Digital Downloads(?)

Hi all. I’ve moved this from General to Getting Started. Hope that’s OK.

When building what turned out to be a proof of concept of my app in FileMaker (don’t get me started), I had implemented software licence activation/checking using the Easy Digital Downloads Wordpress plugin. User buys a licence on my site, is given a code, they enter it into a form in the app, request is sent from the app to my website and confirmed via a JSON object. Parse for true or false. All too easy.

I’ve seen several discussions and blog posts with issues around Digital River etc. Has anyone here tried EDD with success? Right now it’s a bit difficult (for my tiny brain) to nail down where the errors are coming from, with both ends a bit of a mystery.


I haven’t but I assume you have to apply the same logic, calling EDD JSON … My suggestion: add Easy Digital to the headline of your question to increase chances that someone knowledgable sees your question. Otherwise people (like me) believe it is about Xojo Licensing … ;-).

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Thanks Jeannot. The logic I got. It’s the syntax. The problem is, when you’re unsure of the correct method at both ends, it’s a bit of a circular reference.:slight_smile:

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True, and my experience is that without plugins from MBS or einhugur for JSON and Curl it will be complicated too.

Not so much. The return is a text string of which character 12 from the left is the first letter of “true” or “false”. Simple if/esle.

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Are you only looking for solutions with Easy Digital Downloads plugin? I have an entirely Xojo-code system that integrates with FastSpring.

Hey Tim.

I’ve bookmarked you. I’ll keep trying with EDD for a bit and, if I can’t work it out, I’ll look at Fastspring.

EDD is bought and paid for and worked so well with the FMP solution I’m confident that, once I sort it on Xojo, I’ll be in good shape. I just need to work out the Xojo syntax for sending the POST request and accepting the JSON response.


In case anyone else wants to use EDD with their Wordpress, just let me know and I can guide you through it.

As is often the case, it was simpler than I expected - so I was over complicating things.

The URL string I was using in FMP was rejected by Xojo, which was throwing me. Also, the sample code from the Xojo example was creating an error of its own, which caused me some confusion.

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