CustomEditField Syntax Definition

Does anybody know how I can find syntax definitions for CustomEditField? I have looked on the web for syntax definitions for the CustomEditField and I have had no results from what is already built-in. Is the customeditfield based off of any other systems and can I use syntax definitions from a program like Notepad++ without having to convert the syntax definition or having to modify customeditfield’s parser. I am looking for a syntax definition for javascript?


The Syntax files for Alex Retrepos CustomEditField are standard XML format…
The download (at least the one I have) came with at least 10 languages… just take one and modifiy it as required

Doubtful you will find any on the web as this is a niche product,

No you cannot use files from NotePadd… but these may be a good source to use to modify

Start with the C.xml syntax definition provided with the source and it’ll be your best place to start. The Java.xml will not help. You will need to add the functions definitions (ie “alert”, etc) yourself in the keywords section. Items such as document.body etc. will be cumbersome to add and any “(” directly attached will break your colorized syntax. I believe I have a javascript.xml for CustomEdit somewhere on my PC although I was unhappy with how it worked, it’s limitations, and sought out another route. There is a Lexer Plugin and I believe (don’t quote me) Bob K. has code available which will work much more efficiently and be less work in the end.