Custom MenuItem properties in Inspector

I create a MenuItem subclass and add a couple of String properties. I right-click to modify the Inspector behavior and check the properties. I then change the super of a menu or two to that subclass in the MenuBar editor, but I cannot see my properties in the Inspector there. Is this not supported, or am I doing it wrong?

I’ve had weird delays in getting the IDE to show custom properties. Have you tried quitting/relaunching?

I have.

sadly a long standing bug I’ve not fixed


Double digit case number oh wow!

I understand Norman. So by tomorrow then?

It’s a long weekend here, so he has time :slight_smile:

Long weekends are just a just an extra day where I dont have to be up early for our morning team conference call :stuck_out_tongue:

You seriously dont wanna see my time sheet :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. I hear you. I didn’t buy the business to get more time off. Oof! It’s only been 4 months and I’m already wondering “what the f did I just do?”