custom listbox - basic concept ?

Hi everybody,

I’m developing a custom listbox which is greatly customizable and reaching the final stage
but I am struggling now with the implementation of multi-selection, inserting and drag reorder which makes
me thinking that my approach was wrong.

Anyway, I’d like to know how the Xojo listbox was designed (or is this a secret?) ? Is there a general basic concept ?

That’s exactly where I had issue when I coded my own listbox. In the end, used many hacks, but it works now. Let me know if you want me to send it to you, you might find the messy code useful.

I am open for any suggestion. I’ll send you a PM.

Maybe someone from the xojo staff can respond to ?

I’m really interested in a good working and better looking Listbox that feels native. If it’s targeted for OSX only, then it would be great if it was a drop in that could easily be added within a #if TargetMacOS.
I’ve put many hours in the dtPlugin but couldn’t get it to work properly. Many things are missing or not working right. (Or I’m just not able to figure it out because of the lack of documentation and poor examples).
If you need a tester, I’m more than willing to help and give feedback.

Theres no way to use “#if TargetMacOS” an element on a window layout if you place it there at design time

Actually … position it outside the window and use the open event to move it in code to its position …? :wink: