Custom Fonts and Web 2.0

I have a project that needs to run without the internet (LAN ONLY) and I need it to display a customer provided font. Any way to achieve this in Web 2.0?


Hi @Derek_Traxler,

Please check “Using Google Fonts” in the docs. It is very similar to what you want to do, except instead using a Google URL, you’ll need to serve the fonts from your server itself.

What kind of font it is?, you may probably need to convert it to another format. Please also take a look at this article:

I hope that helps.

Thanks Ricardo!

I will check that out. It is an OTF font. Glad to know I can deliver with a little work!

Thanks again.

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A Webfile should be able to present the font to your app for font-face.

OTF fonts can do that very nicely.

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