Custom event handler doesn't call method because of "Scale"

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I ran into a problem with a method in a custom event handler being ignored if I don’t trace through to the method. The next problem is I created a test project and eliminated 98% of my code, but it no longer ignored the eventhandler.
What I mean by scale is the project is large enough that the problem disappears when minimalized.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can circumvent this problem.
My last problem is with messageboxes that do not display in a proper amount of time - Figure ten minutes.
The situation that caused it is called in a method that stands alone and doesn’t have a window that called the method, like it was called in the app’s open.
I created my own messagebox window and that solved the problem.

I can’t think of a way to get a method to be called , if it hasn’t been called yet.
Any ideas?

Yes, you have to remove code class by class and then test each removal. Usually, doing this is pretty sucky.

I understand that, but my window was self sufficient so I could eliminate the shrinking. I will do that now.
But how can I get this method to be called?

I can’t tell you that because it’s your code. You must do some helper code to call the problematic code.

That smells of a timing issue. Just my initial take. And I’m assuming that what you’re saying is that it does get called if you step through to it in the debugger, but not if you just let it run. It could be that the object is going out of scope before the event gets called.

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Whst is helper code?

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Thanks for that, but I’m sure it’s in scope. It’s (Giggle) in a textarea

The code in my eventHandler doesn’t need to know the rest of this post as it is handled by the window Wtest and method FinFieldSize.
The text which will be in the TextArea will have 2 parts broken by an EndOfLine. The first part is at a large font size, and the second is at a only readable size.

This is THE code from my custom event handler “OnPaste” which is attached to a TextArea which is ReadOnly False

tWTst = New WTest( me.Width, me.Height, False, True, DspRow.darta(index), self, index )//a window which mimics the textarea for sizing of text.  
App.FinFieldSize( CREdit(index).Text, Self, me, index, True)//This builds StyleRuns for the area.

I added a timer which had the code in it. It worked.

What other tricks are out there?