Custom Event Definition Description?

Hi everyone.
I’m working on HTML Edit on my day off to fix a few things for some people (pretty exciting stuff coming up!) and I’ve got a number of new Event Definitions going on to make it all work.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to add description text so that when someone selects the event from the Add Event Handler sheet, the description text would show up on the right. All of the built in events have it, so surely there must be a way?

Click on the “Gear” icon in the property inspector. There is a text field there labeled “Description”.

I’m not sure that’s it. The description isn’t showing up on the instance, and events that I have interrupted and re-defined show the proper description text.

There are a few bug reports about the description
Several fixed for a future release

So that description field is the correct one to use then?

See cases 23955, 34943, 37405, 41218

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I am using 2017R1 and the Event “Description” field is not there.

How do I define a description for an event in my class?

It is on page 2 (click the gear at the top edge of the property inspector).

Thank you, Eli.

I realise that I was not clear enough in my post. I asked for a Description for an Event but what I actually meant was an Event Definition.

I have created a new class to which I have added a number of Event Definitions. My issue is that there is no Description box for an Event Definition, not a Method. So, when I create a new sub-class of my class and open the Event Handler add dialog I would like to show a Description of what that Event is for.

I hope that is clearer now.

Above answer is correct, as I understood your question that way.

Thanks all, I found it.

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