Custom Class Tutorial

The following quest on Google leads to nothing valuable:

Will I have better luck here ?

I don’t know of any tutorials. But what are you trying to accomplish?

You just asked me to link to RBU and lo and behold they have an article on custom classes.
Of course it still talk about REALbasic instead of Xojo, but most of it should still be valid I think

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, RBU 026 (and 027) does not works as expected with Xojo.

That is because of my Custom Class Tutorial search that I found that link.
Of course, I recall RBU (and others), but their links were long lost.

PS: I use REALbasic since RB 1.0dr23, so I nearly saw everything even if I forgot most of it ;-:).


Thank you for your answer.

What do I want to do ?

First of all (really) understand how to use that technology.

Then, add Custom Class when needed in my project(s).

PS: I spend some days to read the current (Xojo) documentation and do not found an answer to that question (excepted that it is a good technology to use).