Custom Class properties

It’s been awhile since I used a custom class. I have a custom class I call URLlabel based on the Label control. It has two properties, theCaption as string and theURL as string. The problem I’m having is setting the properties for an instance of URLlabel. In the “old days” the properties for a custom class showed up in the Inspector. This is not the case anymore. So where do I set the properties for an instance of a URLlabel?

Nevermind. (embarrassed)

Been there :slight_smile: No worries.

To complete this thread for others looking for the answer, you right click your custom control and select “Inspector behavior.” Select the properties you want to show in the inspector there.

Which is almost exactly the same as before. It is incorrect to say that the properties just “showed up” in the inspector. You still had to put them there.

This is freaking awesome. Thanks for the details. There’s so much stuff in Xojo that I don’t know about.