Custom Animated Controls

I was checking Polymer Project’s demo pages and started wondering if it’s possible to create animated custom controls like the ones used there.

For “normal” apps this would probably be unneeded but for custom apps or special-purpose ones it could fit. I know how to make custom-image look controls but they’re static.

A good example is the buttons section, where a clickdown highlights the whole button area with a quick almost-liquid fill.

The idea is not to be able to play a pre-made animation but to generate one on the fly, I guess, since it would need to accomodate whatever position and size the control has.

The demo page:

I really like the sliders with the popover style value display!

I have to admit they’ve done a pretty nice job of creating a whole personality in their UI. This is obviously a good and desirable thing but they had failed in the past.

I liked the stepped slider. It’s a control that’s not common and usually an afterthought (if it even exists).

Bumping a week after in a different timezone.

I may be overthinking and this is fully doable with canvases. I like that it has an animation upon click, not upon release.

@Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira , project polymer is now officially released for production (version 1.0). Did you try something with it? I guess a lot of people tried with version 0.5 and found too many bugs, they programmed it again from the ground up.

Other frontend tools have already that Material Design over (react.js, bootstrap, angular.js), it would be nice to give web applications build with Xojo the material design look & feel.

Any idea how this is possible?