Cursor or Highlight when dragging picture - Mac Desktop

I am developing a mac desktop app and want to drag pictures onto a canvas objects I have setup.

The drag & drop works fine but there is no visual cue to the user when the dragged item is over the canvas.

I would like to change the cursor as I am copying the file over (there is a nice “copy” cursor type) or maybe use the Mac 'approved" way of putting a highlight ring around the canvas when dragging over.

I have tried all sorts of different things but cant get either the cursor to change or the highlight to appear when dragging over.

I have tried setting things in both the drag over and the drag enter event but no joy.

Any ideas pls this is driving me mad!!


I never tested that since I never asked me your question.

Did you filled the Drag.Picture Property ?

PS: this works fine the other way (drag from the Canvas to the Finder); the passed image is displayed below the Cursor and this is nice.

BTW: did you already saw the feature you are asking in an application ?

Yes the feature exists in Xojo in fact. Drag an image onto the project explorer and as the image is held over the explorer, the outer border of the explorer panel lights up blue. That is what I want to achieve as I dart a picture over my canvas objects.

project explorer
You meant the Navigator.

I re-read your question and I have to say that I never saw what you ask in a macOS (and older to 6.7) version.

The only thing I know in Xojo (never see it elsewhere) is the drop from a Xojo created application window into the Finder with an image below the mouse cursor.
And that image disappears once the cursor is above the Finder and is replaced by a Preview image icon…

Now, your application / your features.

Do you try something in the Canvas’ MouseMove /MouseEnter … Events ?

Yes it does exist in macOS. Open a finder window, set it to columns view. Drag a file from anywhere into the finder. The column where you are dragging over lights up with a yellow colour border. It is a standard way to show the user where they are about to drop a file.
Yes the mouse enter and exit work fine but that is just for moving the mouse over the canvas. Not for dragging something onto the canvas. When dragging the ‘indicator’ setup for mouse enter etc doesn’t work

I recently just did some work for something similar in my apps.

How many people do that ?
(I never done that / did not know about that)

Nota: I saw in this very Forum, years ago, a developper who does not know about the folder properties (stick to the grid / Icon location / Text Size / Folder Background image, etc.) and used a Finder enhancer to always get the View by Icon. I forgot his question.

Some people stays with the default values. In that case I do.

Hey Sam
Read your blog post, looks exactly like what I want.
I went to buy the App Kit but it seems I have to buy the entire Omega Bundle, which I did last year and dont want it again. Can I buy just the App Kit from you pls?
If so, where can i do that?

Hey Mark,
I am in the process of setting that up, should be ready soon. I am glad to hear that it is what you’re looking for though, I wasn’t sure, but figured I’d give it a shot.

Hey Sam

Thanks, pls let me know the it is setup for buying. What are you going to charge for it?