Current State of Kaju

I can’t add to the previous Kaju-dedicated threads here because they’ve been closed :unamused:, so sorry for starting a new topic.

The most recent posts seem to be fairly old, so before I embark on Kaju-fying a new app, I thought I’d ask about its current state. Everything still working with new Xojo and new MacOSs?

I haven’t tested on Big Sur, but otherwise, it’s been fine.

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Everything works fine on BS. Going to do the needful for API 2 in this year.

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Thanks to you both for the replies :slight_smile:

@Kem_Tekinay ,regarding the implementation note

" The only other special code you’ll need is in the CancelClose event of any window where the close is actually being cancelled, i.e., where you have the event return True . In those cases, you must call Kaju.CancelUpdate ."

I think this only applies when app.AutoQuit (aka app.AllowAutoQuit) is true, no? Why would Kaju care if a window close is cancelled if the app is not quitting?

The Kaju window might be telling the other windows to close before calling Quit because the user pressed the Install button. If Kaju isn’t involved, this is a no-op anyway.

Ah, I see, thanks!