Current options for a touchscreen operator terminal

I’ve got a new project that involves creating touchscreen terminals for interfacing with some machines along an assembly process. This isn’t heavy duty industrial stuff, just basic weighing stations, barcode readers, printers… nothing life threatening.

My question is what are current 2021 recommendations for simple economic touchscreen interfaces? IN the past Ive used the 7" Raspberry Pi, and Windows Surface Pro, but I’m not really up-to-date on anything new in the past year or two.

The basic requirements are “larger than 7” screen", runs Windows or Linux, and has some standard USB-2/3 and networking.

If anyone has any great touch-based hardware recommendations they’re enjoying these days I’d love to hear about them. Thanks for your consideration.

Those touch screen would be connected to what kind of hardware, a PC maybe ? Do you need the screens to run an OS ? If the OS is not required, then the screens would be cheaper.

In the case of a Microsoft Surface the OS would be Windows, but if anyone has any great combinations for another screen and embedded or adjacent CPU that’s fine. I’m not married to a particular OS.

We are using the Windows Surface Go 2. It has 10.5” screen. Very reasonable price.

I thought the screen would communicate with a ‘device’ that would run an app. IMO a Surface tablet is quite expensive as a screen.

One other way would be to use Raspberry Pi or an Arduino board as the device. The advantage is that these have many ports like serial i2c SPI etc. to interface to your peripherals. The screen would the ne some kind of dumb terminal.

Two type of screens come to my mind:

  • Home - Nextion they provide for example screens that communicates through, for example INTELLIGENT SERIES INTRODUCTION - Nextion Some displays even have inputs/outputs. There is an IDE to create pages with buttons, images etc. The program is downloaded in the display
  • 4D Systems They are more expensive, but they are very powerful. 4D Systems have also an IDE to create forms to display including charts. They have been there for a long time.

These products are solde by Sparkfun and others.

All terrific suggestions - thanks Gilles!

Thanks Gary - my I.T. guy agrees with you as well. Thanks (everyone) for your input.