CurrencyValue in 2014r3 (and 3.1)

Hi All,

Quick Question re: the CurrencyValue Method on a Variant.

Given the following code:

[code] Dim MyCurr As Currency
Dim MyStr As String
Dim MyVar As Variant

MyStr = “4.02”

MyVar = MyStr

MyCurr = MyVar.CurrencyValue


Why does the Currency Value become 4.2 in this situation. This seems to happen with strings that have a zero after the decimal point. Examples: 4.05 becomes 4.5, 5.07 becomes 5.7.

I used the CurrencyValue method based on Xojo documentation, and it worked as I would expect it to in 2014r2. When I went to 2014r3, this new behavior showed up.

Am I losing my mind?

Thanks for any help!

It’s a bug we’ll be addressing soon. Sorry for the regression.

Thanks Joe - the impact of showing incorrect currency amounts is obviously significant, can we expect a new build with a fix in the next day or so?

Have you tried the new beta ?
You should be able to download that & give it a try.