Currency = Integer?

Using a few polymorphism methods, it seems to me that Currency is built upon Integer, or isn’t it? When I try to add another “Update” method using a currency parameter, the compiler complains about not being sure what method to use anymore (I implemented an Integer Update method already).

Will not be so complicated to rename the method like “UpdateCurrency”, but maybe this isn’t the intended behavior of the compiler …?

Currency is an Int64.

Not in the eyes of the type system. It is its own unique type and just happens to be implemented as a 64-bit integer under the hood.

So polymorphism conflicts with Integer shouldn’t occur?

Could you paste some code?

I wish I could. I tried to set up a small sample, and in it everything was fine. If I can’t reconstruct it I’ll put the whole project in Feedback I am working on, but this will take some time.